September 2009

29.09.09 - Casting Director Cheryl Roberts endorsement

September 14, 2009 Cheryl Roberts, a casting director based in Santa Fe,  New Mexico, teaches a Film-career-focused acting class on Thursday evenings at the Quality Inn in Bernalillo.  She is a Strasberg-trained New York actress who has a very successful Los Angeles casting career.  She has over 20 students in ABQ and SF.  She recommends that students work closely with commercial photographer Valerie Santagto to present the best possible headshot for consideration for roles.  Santagto’s experience results in quality headshots that are the gold standard in the industry.  Valerie was invited to meet the students in class and show them her portfolio which resulted in booking several new clients that day.  Santagto, a former professional dancer and performer, got to participate in the class and had a ball.  She was amazed at how useful Cheryl’s notes were to any aspiring actor trying to book work.  The class focuses on cold readings and improvisational skills.  Cheryl can be reached by phone to schedule class at:  (505) 955-8537.

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