Albuquerque Photography Workshops


Albuquerque photographer Santagto’s career began in the high fashion world of New York City and London on assignment for Andy Warhol and British Vogue. Her interest in Hopi Culture inspired Santagto to choose Santa Fe, New Mexico as her base in the 80’s. She began developing new images which were simultaneously romantic, archtypal and mythographic.


“I recaptured my original feeling about photography, that it is a love affair with life, beauty and the greatness within everyone and everything.”

This feeling permeates her commercial work with unique results. Albuquerque photographer Santagto is best known for her fashion, celebrity images, and her exquisite portraits. The elegant, opulent, sensual and dramatic quality of the Santagto style is part of an ever broadening career including cookbooks for world renowned chefs and luscious ad campaigns for world class jewelers, architects and entertainers. The commercial success of her spirited visual signature continues Santagto’s ongoing love affair with life. As a natural progression from stills, Santagto is avidly pursuing her interest in filmmaking.